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Making Tax Digital VAT Software

21,000+ VAT entities file with us: we are reliable, robust

We offer spreadsheet/Excel MTD bridging software, so you can carry on filing your VAT Returns

Used by: Top 15 Accountancy firms to bookkeepers - FTSE PLCs to window cleaners

Sage & QB Users etc Export to Excel + File!

Excel 2010+ (version) Excel 1997+ (version)

HMRC-Recognised MTD VAT Bridging Software

*This product provides Value Added Tax (VAT) bridging software to file your HMRC VAT returns that can be imported from Excel.

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How does it work?

  • 1 Insert our worksheet into your Spreadsheet

Insert our worksheet into your Spreadsheet

  • 2 Upload your spreadsheet to our website

Upload your spreadsheet to our website

  • 3 File your VAT Return & view your VAT history

File your VAT Return & view your VAT history

After You’ve Watched The Video: Try The Single Business User Demo Try Before You Buy Ready To Sign Up Now? “Instead of printing your VAT return in your software, export it to Excel Upload the Excel file to our website for VAT Return Submission ” We are dedicated to long term investment in VAT MTD software, to ensure you can keep on using spreadsheets for Making Tax Digital whatever the future holds

So whenever HMRC makes changes to digital record-keeping, VAT, Income Tax and/or Corporation Tax, our HMRC-Recognised bridging software is here to ensure you can still carry on using Microsoft Excel for your record-keeping

Signing up for MTD VAT can be a complicated process We’ll support you through your move to MTD

Our VAT Filer MTD software is compatible with Microsoft Excel 1997 through to the latest versions

We work with all sizes of businesses, organisations and individuals to ensure a smooth make tax digital VAT process

Easy Software to Submit VAT Returns.

  • I’ve filed 40 VAT Returns so far on 123 Sheets for clients, and have found it efficient, simple and easy to use
  • BR Pusser & Co
  • I looked at various software, but found this the simplest and easiest
  • I’ve filed 4 VAT Returns so far for my clients
  • I didn’t need to read any instructions
  • All Paul Ltd
  • Many thanks for your endless patient help with MTD registrations
  • I hope you don’t mind but I have recommended your software to quite a number of clients
  • Martin Seitler & Co
  • I tried other bridging software, and gave up in despair! I then found 123 Sheets which I found simple and easy to file my VAT Return
  • Trusted Floor Solutions Ltd
  • The software looked so easy, I suspected fraud
  • My accountant told me you are legitimately recognised by HMRC
  • I’ve now filed my first VAT Return with ease
  • Abbey Pet Foods
  • I feel smug that I have filed my first VAT Return with 123 Sheets, and haven’t had to pay hundreds to one of the larger software providers
  • Saxtead Livestock Ltd
  • I’ve now filed my first VAT Return
  • They helped me register for MTD when I was struggling: excellent service
  • Stock Solutions Ltd
  • The system is very easy to use, I filed our VAT Return without needing any support
  • BJ Chemists Ltd
  • Customer Services was exceptional, I was quickly able to file my VAT Return with their help
  • Unsworth Family Stores

1,000+ accountants file with us…

Our agent version offers the following features: filing returns, reviewing live client payment and historic VAT return data, move quickly between clients, monitor deadlines across the client base on a single page, manage which staff can work on which clients and more See the video below for a quick tour of our agent version

After You’ve Watched The Video: Try The Agent Demo Account: Try Before You Buy

We Take Your Data Security Seriously.

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