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The Secret Ingredient For Restaurant Success

Your perfect recipe: combining data management, deep customer analytics and marketing execution in one platform GoGoGuest helps marketers and operators launch the ultimate restaurant digital marketing strategy powered by your data, to better connect with guests on email, SMS, first-party apps and third-party apps

Brands who choose GoGoGuest see 40% more new guests and 32% more loyal fans.

Engage your first-party audience through data and digital know-how.

Think of the data from all your restaurant systems like ingredients: right now, you have data that exists on its own, in various places, and the data you’re using is standalone GoGoGuest's turn-key customer data management has built-in revenue performance data visualization, reports, insights and guest engagement tools Together, they give you the opportunity to convert each and every guest into your loyal fan by personalizing offers when they are ready to dine in-person or order online

We are THE guest engagement and revenue performance tech stack for restaurants

Seamlessly gather, connect and understand your first- and third-party guest data from restaurant systems you already use *Grow your online and brick-mortar business with data-driven marketing automation and analytics. No apps needed!

Connect all the systems you already use: Point of Sale, Wi-Fi systems, eCommerce platforms and third-party applications for a complete view of your business performance.

Find your best customers with powerful segmentation and automation tools. Create and send rewards and campaigns!

See your revenue performance in real-time from a centralized dashboard.

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Guest engagement & loyalty

Gain revenue performance, data visualization and performance insights for your digital marketing strategy Unlock every opportunity to personalize offers for each and every guest

Access real-time revenue reports across first- and third-party sales channels This allows operations and marketing to plan effective staffing, menu optimization and digital marketing strategies that grow profits

Product mix and basket analysis

Stay in-the-know with what guests love and when Optimize menus to give people what they want, from trendy items to new products on your menu

Restaurant guest WiFi marketing

Offer fast, reliable, and secure guest WiFi, and use it as a way to get to know your guests who prefer to dine-in and experience your brand's service standards

Be with each guest throughout the customer journey.

GoGoGuest is a turn-key guest engagement software platform with data to help restaurants manage powerful digital marketing strategies Our technology is designed to make it super easy for you to understand your first-party guests and win over your third-party audience from engagement data, purchase behaviors and demographic information

We exist to help restaurant operations and marketing teams with real-time information to plan resources, deliver consistent guest experience and make more money

Just look at the results

This is what our customers have to say

A holistic digital marketing strategy for restaurants.

Our complete guest engagement software platform integrates with your systems to gather and organize your first- and third-party data Then, we deliver data visualizations with actionable insights from purchase and engagement data, product mix, market basket analysis and more to help you identify the best programs to drive audience engagement, participation and loyalty

Win third-party guests Grow loyalty with first-party customers in a meaningful way

Measure campaign

performance and ROI

See how Edley’s BBQ built a dedicated community with GoGoGuest!


Design the ultimate restaurant guest experience.

How do you attract, engage and build unique and meaningful relationships with each guest, that are consistent from the moment they learn about your brand and throughout their entire guest journey? By gathering and connecting all your data in a meaningful way, GoGoGuest reveals the actionable insights that will nurture your guest relationships to keep them coming back and increase your profits

With GoGoGuest, you can:

See guests in like-minded groups to better serve them, even on an individual level
Reward high-value guests with personalized offers for higher retention
Convert timid guests into loyal fans by sending them tailored specials
Understand what makes your best guests love you and how to give them more
Gain actionable guest engagement insights and buying patterns
Identify high-value guests and proactively deliver what they want
Convert third-party guests into first-party customers with focused messages
Discover new opportunities to expand your sales channel or grow your market

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