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I have been using it for a week now and rolling it out to our 7 person team Response has been very good The software answers the 3 key questions we have about our team 1 ) What did you work on today? 2) How much time have you been spending on any one project? 3) What projects are in the mix? Having the ability to mark billable vs non-billable is a feature we will use as well It had all the features I needed AND NONE of the ones I did not want So it was not un-necessarily complicated Thus the ease of use and intuitive nature of the software was excellent The free price tag for these basic functions was a bonus Overall, perfect for our needs

Never fail to bill your clients ever again *Clockify is the only truly free time tracking software. It's a simple time tracker and timesheet app that lets you and your team track work hours across projects. Unlimited users, free forever. Its free online employee time clock app for accurate clock-in and clock-out. With it, employees can track time using an online timer, and you can track employee attendance, see who works on what, and export.

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Clockify is ideal for my needs I work part-time for a client working as his executive assistant and his bookkeeper I was getting myself in a mess just using a timesheet created in MS Excel and when I discovered Clockify I was over the moon with joy I keep Clockify open in the background and I switch projects when I start the work and when I finish the work I used to under invoice for my time and lose income but now I can bill for every second I work on his projects Also, it has great reporting function and can either print off or save as a PDF or Excel etc So not only do I invoice my client, I've also got exact data for the time I carry out each of his tasks

Great time tracking software, cheap cost, high vlaue Value for money is insane The free plan by far meets all my needs Reporting Detailed timing Many projects and clients When I upscale to team plan too the pricing is super competitive I've recently switched ~1month ago and don't regret it at all, Clockify misses no features I need and add more than I need too

Easy and straightforward time tracking Clockify has a polished UI that makes it enjoyable to use I divide my working hours between several internal and external projects that are both billable and non-billable Each project/client can be assigned a different hourly rate I prefer to use the mobile app for starting the timer but the browser extension is also very helpful I really enjoy the monthly reports Recently I started to track also my leisure activities such as jogging and reading

Perfect for tracking our employees' hours We needed a better way to keep track of everyone's time, projects, and budgets in one place Enter, Toggl! It seemed like a dream come true except

you had to pay per month and per person! There was no way our little company could afford that As a company just starting to get off the ground, we need every penny we can spare and a good way to track our employees' hours and project investments Now that Clockify timesheet app is available, i have even higher hopes for our company's success this year

Super easy to use Extremely easy to use, ability to create unlimited clients and projects Chrome web extension is always a click away

Best Time Tracking Software I've Ever Used I have run the gamut of time tracking software to manage my business of 60 or so writers This is the first one I've used that is bug free, easy to use on both the management and user end, and simple to understand I wish I had found this software 10 years ago when I began my business Oh the frustration I could have saved using some of the older time trackers

Easy for staff to use Easy for staff to use and enter times against projects, good reporting options to export to excel spreadsheets, reliable program and their support centre is always prompt when answering queries

Helped me to get organized and stopped me from losing money I had always the problem to do to many favors A logo here, a little code there I did not realize how much time I wasted until I started using Clockify I did try a couple of other apps but none was that easy and offered similar tools Once I got everything ready and started counting my hours I fast figured out how much I actually needed Clockify The times of lost hours are gone I have a clear overview and know with a couple of clicks how much time I spend on each project and even know what my client has to be charged In a couple of days Clockify turned into one of my favorite tools and I use it now every single day Incredible easy and fast to use Tools for every platform I needed from Android over Mac OS to Windows I use them all Fair pricing

Wish I hand found Clockify Sooner Intuitive and simple to use, having used spreadsheets for years for all staff recording and monitoring hours, then invoicing from then, Clockify makes it quicker, simpler, and better for analysing the data and time spent on tasks than is possible from the spredsheet way Great piece of software that saves time and in money and ongoing snapshot assessments of billable and unbillable hours is superb I love that even though I use Clockify is a free product, it can do so many things I can use it to track not only my total hours but also the hours I spend on specific projects Then I can log in and see graphs and reports

Clockify is a productivity life saver! The user interface is fantastic You're able to put in a project name and client, which is helpful when multiple projects belong to the same client under separate billing Additionally, I love that I can see the exact times I worked on specific projects It's incredibly valuable to my productivity daily and I really don't know how I'd live without it My company pays for a time tracking software, and I still choose to use Clockify

Excellent project management tool Ease of use, no downtime on website, easy reporting with a wide variety of reports Excellent user experience, allows for tracking of projects, ensuring costing of projects are accurate i e the number of man hours is tracked to ensure the forecast was correct

The best work companion Really easy to use Unlike most time tracking software, this one is built and centered around at most maybe 3 buttons, so I got started with it right away Due to its simplicity, even the free trial gives you all the functionality you'd mostly need Integration with Google Calendar I am an active user of Google Calendar, and connecting Clockify to GCal through Zapier saved me valuable time every single day updating my daily schedule with Clockify entries Works perfectly Great reporting capability Overall, great Clockify really helped and still helps me with managing my busy daily life

Exactly what I needed! It's super efficient to track tasks I love how easy it is to organize my work with various different projects and clients, and being able to quickly hit "stop" and "continue" has made my time tracking much more accurate I work highly irregular hours, so time tracking has always been a challenge for me I tend to start, pause, and stop at random times and this makes it very difficult to estimate how much time I've actually spent working on something Clockify has made this infinitely easier and so much more efficient Thank you! Excellent product for tracking time spent on an activity Worth the money Easy reporting, good interface, etc A must-have product for all types of companies

Straight to the point and easy time tracker! It's very straightforward with the tracking system, and I love that you can either use the timer or add in the hours manually The reports and dashboard give great graphics to review your progress which you can filter by different values, it's very useful As a freelancer it is vital to keep track of my work on all the projects I do for billing accuracy, managing my time and future planning

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