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Wrestling with many challenges in your scaling journey? We help you crack the code with the 10 core scaling pillars you need.

Objectives & Key Results

Build a predictable performance path with OKRs

Drive your goals from strategy to execution. Align individuals, collaborate cross-functionally, and ensure transparency amongst teams on org-wide goals.

Motivate your people with a mission-driven culture

PeopleCues helps you measure and continuously improve your org health and culture. Just like you track and improve business metrics!

Enable employees to bring their best self to work with continuous performance, feedback, reviews and recognition.

*10xGoals is a simple and powerful tool for driving your company goals to success - from strategy to execution.

10xGoals helps you accomplish the 5 principles of running a company well:

  1. Focus and Alignment
  2. Open Collaboration
  3. Co-ordination
  4. Rigor and Agility
  5. Transparency and Performance


Trusted by startups and enterprises alike

70,000+ employees across 200+ organizations and counting…

“Before xto10x I’d never thought about org design and strategy in such a structured approach. 10xAcademy was an eye-opener in a lot of ways. They’ve impacted Meesho’s scaling journey across key pillars such as people and culture and company operating system."

“We have had a rewarding partnership with xto10x in setting up a foundational framework for scaling up. xto10x is our go to team to conduct periodic people survey and get various dimensions of insight that has helped strengthened our people practices."

“xto10x team has been supportive at each stage – from driving strategic clarity on quarterly objectives as milestones of long-term goals to providing best execution practices on customer experience and people OKRs."

CEO & Co-Founder, Drip Capital

“Every interaction with xto10x has been enriching for me. Whether it is about designing org structure or having a strong framework for people and culture practices, xto10x has been our go-to team for setting the right scaling framework.”

CEO & Co-Founder, Vedantu

“xto10x has helped us create our recipe across multiple core scaling pillars such as Org design, OKRs, and Branding & Marketing. It would’ve been much tougher to reach where we are today without their offerings backed by an expert team.”

CEO & Founder, Rupeek

xto10x is a revelation

“xto10x has helped us crack our culture code, with multiple eNPS surveys, sharp yet in-depth reports, and 1:1 connects. 10xPeople heatmap report across our people, processes, and practices was such a revelation.”

“xto10x provides clear pillars on the way to scale a company post product market fit. Their practical tools and design sprints on company operating system, org design, people and culture, etc. create immediate direct impact.”

CEO & Co-Founder, Cleartax

Exemplary employee engagement framework

“xto10x has helped us bring science to employee engagement. 10xPeople is a powerful tool for us to listen to different employee segments and take insights based action.”

“I am glad we chose xto10x. Their insights have been invaluable in steering the senior leadership team at Nium in not only setting the right objectives but also in sharpening the specifics of the ‘how’s’ from a delivery perspective.”

CEO & Co-Founder, Nium

OKR experts like no other

“xto10x helps our entire organization set up their OKRs and work towards goals that really matter to the organization. We are really happy to have 10xGoals and the expert team at xto10x guide us in this process.”

Global sales head, Verloop

“10xGoals product by xto10x has brought in a lot of transparency at an org-wide level. We have seen a reduction in the effort needed to gather an alignment on priorities or flag any cross functional dependencies.”

“10xGoals has driven extreme clarity in our approach towards achieving org-wide targets. The user-friendly tool is well complemented with unrelenting support from experienced professionals.”

Razor-sharp focus on scaling

“We transitioned from 8-hour long monthly business reviews to sharp 60-min OKR led reviews with xto10x. Their expert guidance on OKR strategy to execution has helped us streamline our company operating system.”

CEO & Co-Founder, Practo

Scaling resources for 10x impact

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