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Silhouette delivers the data accuracy you need to prove your endpoints

  • Accurate, reliable data across users

Ensures High Quality Data

Is Easy to Use

Silhouette enables users to easily and quickly gather consistent images of the skin/soft tissue or wound

3D measurements captured by SilhouetteStar are automatically calculated in SilhouetteCentral software for analysis and reporting

The automatic wound boundary detection tool reduces the time spent tracing wounds and inter-rater variability *Silhouette is a suite of products for imaging, measuring and documenting soft tissue and skin lesions, including wounds.


Silhouette makes it easy to report on healing trends

SilhouetteCentral is a secure online database for all information

  • SilhouetteStar laser lines guide users to take consistent images
  • Automatic flash ensures consistent lighting across images
  • The data required for all measurements are captured with a single push of the button
  • Multiple images can be taken for multiple wounds
  • Tracing the wound boundary on the image in SilhouetteCentral ensures accurate measurements
  • SilhouetteStar uses structured lighting for 3D measurements of wound area, depth and volume
  • SilhouetteLite+ uses a range finder and planimetry to measure wound area
  • Studies show Silhouette provides excellent inter-rata and intra-rata reliability
  • Clear graphs show healing trends in an instant
  • PDF assessment files make it easy to share information
  • Tissue type view enables graphs of tissue classifications and details of changes over time
  • One location for all your information
  • User access profiles ensure trial data is secure
  • Clinical trial data is anonymised
  • Provides tracing and measurement consistency across sites and clinicians
  • Editable points on the boundary tracing enable clinicians to manually adjust the boundary if necessary Learn More

A Choice of End-User Devices

  • SilhouetteLite+ App on an iPad or iPhone
  • SilhouetteLite App on an iPad or iPhone
  • Laser guided images ensure correct focus and lighting for consistent images every time
  • Accurate, 3-D wound/skin measurements
  • Images and data are instantly and securely uploaded to SilhouetteCentral software for analysis and reporting
  • Enables measurements on complex body shapes
  • Wired or wireless SilhouetteStar devices

SilhouetteLite+ App and Sensor

  • Consistent images using the camera on your mobile device
  • Accurate 2-D wound/skin measurements

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