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Capillaroscopy made quick, simple and objective

Start using the most advanced videocapillaroscopy software.

Whether you want to learn capillaroscopy or improve your practice, we have the perfect tool for you.

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Transforming routine capillaroscopy practice with artificial intelligence

An improved platform for capillaroscopy

* is an application specially built for visualizing and analyzing nailfold capillaroscopy images.

It uses Artificial Intelligence to automate most of capillaroscopy analysis effort.

Our system supports your practice of capillaroscopy. It guides you to take photos, analyzes them and gives insights about its findings.

It is also able to generate automatic reports, and includes features for patients follow-up and collaboration of doctors and hospitals.


Our system supports your practice of capillaroscopy. It guides you to take photos, analyzes them and gives insights about its findings.

Use your favourite capillaroscope

You don't need an special device, you can start using Capillary io today with any capillaroscope or microscope

Avoid unnecessary and repetitive work

Save time avoiding to locate and identify capillaries of each image manually Our application will do it for you immediately and intelligently

Colaborate with other professionals

With the Capillary io collaboration system you will be able to share and analyze your images without any effort, and in an organized manner

Everything you need to do capillaroscopy.

A powerful user interface to visualize your images Our application is specially built for visualizing and analyzing nailfold capillaroscopy images Besides marking capillaries, you will also be able to measure them, or let our algorithm do it for you

Access your data from anywhere You will no longer need to send images by email or have your pendrive with you all the time, our application allows you to access them from any online device, whether it's a computer, a tablet or a smartphone

Collective intelligence Our algorithm is able to learn to locate and identify capillaries in your images We have trained it on the knowledge of several experts in nailfold capillaroscopy

Collaborate with other professionals Conducting studies with hundreds of images will become much faster and easier using our application You will be able to comment images with other people, validate them and agree on each capillary, but also view the activity in each image by you and your teammates at any moment

Automatic reports Download reports about each patient with a single click, with quantitative and qualitative information, and following standardized nailfold capillaroscopy criteria

We believe that practice of capillaroscopy should be improved

More objective and data-driven

We have observed that most doctors do not rely on objective data when performing their capillary reports, and rely on their intuition when observing a few capillaries

Ideally, quantitative and qualitative metrics should be obtained and analyzed for all capillaries, on the whole nailfold

And the best way to decide objectively if a capillary is dilated or not, and how much, is to measure it

With Capillary io there's no excuse not to

We understand that one of the advantages of capillaroscopy is the ease and speed of performing the test

Since we offer specialized algorithms for the detection, measurement and classification of capillaries (and hemorrhages) it will not take you any longer to perform the capillaroscopy, in fact, you will do it faster than before and get an automatic report

Our CapillaryScope application will guide you during each capilloscopy to organize correctly the pictures you take with the microscope And in just one more step you will have them available forever in the Capillary io web application

We want more doctors to use capillaroscopy for diagnosis and research, to get the attention it deserves

With the collaboration features we offer, it will be easier than ever to share your image database with other professionals or explore it yourself And all the information is under your control

And if your organization or institution already uses capillaroscopy, you will not find a better way to make it productive in your environment

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