HR Matters, founded in 2021, is a Best HR Software which is established in Saudi Arabia. We offer HR professionals a cutting-edge HR platform with the data, technology, and support they need to help their business succeed and create a positive corporate culture. With a dedicated 50+ team of experts, we provide exclusive software services like Payroll, Onboarding, Request Management, Leave Management, Scheduling, Employee location monitoring and many more. Since then, we've been using our cutting-edge HR platform to support small and medium-sized businesses, helping them save time and stay clear of costly errors. Our objective is to enable everyone to make decisions about individuals based on data. We think that having access to data may help everyone—from HR to the C-Suite to employees—become more strategic and effective. We aim to assist HR solutions software for businesses around the kingdom in creating a better workplace.


HR Matters is a renowned HR Management Solutions provider based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Since its founding in 2021, Join HRmatters has worked hard to develop innovative and cost-efficient solutions for its customers. We are committed to providing services on time and with high standards. The professional corporation is tightly structured to provide more attainable results and solutions for usage in various organisations that face issues in the information and technology industry. We have a good and proper coordinating partnership between the intramural internal environments of the organisation and the developing external IT environment. HR Matters, driven by passion and hard effort, has grown quickly into a provider of HR software systems with clients in Saudi Arabia. Since 2021, our team of professionals has used our software services to assist businesses in increasing their value. We assist you in identifying and resolving essential business difficulties through established technology practices such as Payroll, Onboarding, Request Management, Leave Management, Scheduling, Employee location monitoring, and many others. HR Matters, a pioneer in consulting and services for next-generation software worldwide, has been named the fastest-growing business in Saudi Arabia.

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