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About Us

People do business. We make it work.

We enable people to do business by planning, supplying, integrating and managing their IT. We make IT work through partnership, knowledge, and passion: trusted to run IT infrastructure and services for leading business across Europe for over 40 years.

Our mission

Our mission statement defines why we exist. Our vision clearly identifies what we aspire to become – while our core values are the priorities we set for our business and day-to-day activities.

We are SCC – great things happen when we work together.

To make IT work for our customers to improve the way they do business To deliver quality IT solutions and services that change the way businesses do business

Deliver long-term profit to invest back into the business

Nurture a winning network of partners to create enduring value for our customers.


Stimulate progress, change, and improvement through IT and be the first choice for customers, partners, and employees.

We will be:

Trusted by our customers and partners; Dedicated to delivery; Committed to our people; Drivers of innovation; Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving business; Passionate about our business and its growth.


SCC is a value-led business built around five core principles:


Our solutions and services are built on impartiality, honesty and, above all, trust; we keep our word and deliver what we promise.


We provide quality and value in all we do. We have a total dedication and customer focus to deliver profitable, innovative and robust solutions.


Our attention to clients is reinforced by the way we support each other. We ensure that sustainable values are woven into all that we do. We keep things simple but effective


We put excellence into action every day. We ensure that our people have the opportunity to excel and that our customers always benefit from the value of what we deliver, and the service we provide. Our quality and commitment to service excellence are independently measured and accredited to the highest global standards.


People depend on our customers and our customers depend on us. Being ‘part of the team’ is the key to success. Being a trusted partner ensures we deliver greater value.

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