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Horizon has leading artificial intelligence algorithms and chip design capabilities, through the combination of soft and hard, design and development of high-performance, low-cost, low-power edge artificial intelligence chips and solutions, open empowerment partners.

For smart driving and AIOT, Horizon offers ultra-cost-effective edge AI chips, extreme power efficiency, an open toolchain, rich algorithmic model samples, and comprehensive enabling services.

At present, based on the innovative BPU (Brain Processing Unit), Horizon has successfully produced the first edge artificial intelligence processor in China--the Journey series processor focusing on intelligent driving and Focused on AioT's "Sunrise" series of processors, and has been commercially available on a large scale.

Relying on the industry's leading combination of soft and hard products, Horizon provides industry customers with a complete solution of "chip + algorithm + cloud". In the field of intelligent driving, the Horizon has deepened its business contacts with the world's four major auto markets (USA, Germany, Japan, and China).

At present, it has already established partners including Audi, Bosch, Changan, BYD, SAIC, and GAC. Tier1s, OEMs manufacturer; in the field of AIOT, Horizon has partnered with several national development zones, domestic first-line manufacturing companies, modern shopping centers, and well-known brand stores.

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