Our team comes to work every day to help businesses and people succeed and achieve sustainable growth through personal dedication, technical expertise, and commitment to excellence.

It all started back in 2005. Aleksey Zavgorodniy and a team of professionals combined their efforts to develop new software products, web, and mobile applications which have the power to shape the future and create opportunities for sustainable growth and success. Since that time, Unicsoft has been steadily introducing a high level of standard for project and client management. The team has grown by 15 times. Currently, more than 100 people at Unicsoft diligently strive to maintain a high quality of work and continue delivering bespoke solutions powered by Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and other rising technologies. The very top talents in software engineering join Unicsoft to solve challenging R&D tasks and to implement digital transformation globally.

Sustainable growth is about reaching the realistically attainable growth that can continue over the long term without running into problems. We want you to scale your business and rapidly grow by leveraging the digital opportunities and rising technologies, while we mitigate the risks. Striving to understand business goals, operations, context, your customers, and business requirements, and all the possible risks are what differentiates Unicsoft from the competition.