TeliApp Corporation

TeliApp Corporation


TeliApp is a data analytic insights company with deep machine learning expertise. Our proprietary AI engine can detect, analyze, predict and influence human behavioral patterns. Our technology is vertical and platform agnostic.

For over six years we have provided custom software development solutions with a focus on actionable insights, big data sets, and trend development. Some of our clients include Walmart, Barnes & Noble, 7-Eleven, Simon Malls, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines.

Teli is an ancient and mystical word that is connected to the constellation Draco and the path of the ecliptic that circles it. It has special meaning to me, as it represents connection, duality, and togetherness. Our goal remains to build technology that helps bring people together. Draco is represented by a dragon, which is incorporated into our products and services.

Our singular purpose is to enable our AI engine to derive meaningful and actionable data insights. With the capacity to detect, analyze and predict trends, our proprietary technology is used to influence human behavioral patterns to achieve positive outcomes. Our partners benefit from our industry knowledge and our desire to enable positive associations between their customers and their brands.

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