Start Matter

Start Matter


Founded in 2014, Start Matter is a successful custom software development company. Our specialization is web and mobile development for early stage startup companies. Our customers range from startup to commercial from all over the world.

Over the years, we have worked in such domains as: legaltech, fintech, martech and web development platforms.

In 2018 Start Matter has become a resident of Belarus High-Tech Park, which is a sign of confidence at the State level.

Encompassing a combination of industry-specific knowledge and in-depth understanding of business processes, we are committed to the success of our clients and help in the delivery of valuable solutions for business owners across various domains.

How can we help your business:

∙ MVP Evaluation – get your top-notch idea estimated timely and cost-effectively. ∙ Strategic Partnership – hand over the technical side of your product partly in exchange for equity.

∙ Full Cycle Development – get your project “turnkey”. From R&D to launch. ∙ Dedicated Teams – get your own development team which feels and performs absolutely like in-house.

∙ Strategic Consulting – get your attention drawn to the edgy moments you may not know.

∙ Maintenance and Support – stop worrying about downtimes and technical metrics. We will manage everything for you.