EnSoft was founded in 2002 with the goal of tackling the growing complexity in software systems. We believe that human intelligence, combined with powerful tools, is the key to tackling complexity. Today our products and services are used by over 350 companies worldwide including every major automotive, aerospace, and defense company in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Products and Services
SimDiff has become the leading diff and merges tool for Simulink models since its first release in 2005. SimDiff’s accuracy, speed, and robustness have made it the preferred choice amongst the world’s leading companies in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries.

Supports all major blocks sets, including Stateflow, dSPACE block sets, RTW, Xilinx. Runs on Windows or Linux and supports all MATLAB versions.

Modify is a new technology from EnSoft to convert large C-language embedded source codes into Simulink models. Modify is flexible enough to handle any coding style and produce any desired modeling style or standard.

Atlas is a new kind of tool for tackling hard software problems and making developers even more awesome. Atlas has many general applications, but the most popular is understanding code someone else wrote.

SimEngine provides the building blocks to build fast, highly-scalable solutions to graph alignment problems. SimEngine can scale to tens of millions of nodes on a commodity laptop and billions of nodes on HPC hardware and is highly resistant to an error in the source graphs.

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