Creed Interactive

Creed Interactive

Going all out is good, but being All‐in is better.


The word “creed” means “a set of beliefs.” Nearly a decade ago, when Jonathan decided to start a new kind of interactive agency, he wanted to build the foundation around a core set of beliefs and truths he had learned from his experience in various agency environments. Thus, Creed Interactive was born.

In 2007, Jonathan grew tired of watching promises to clients get broken. So he made a promise to himself: Venture out and create a development shop that had a set of core beliefs—a creed—based on the belief that clients deserve deeply committed partners.

  • We believe in bridging the chasm between technology and humanity.
  • We believe in employees of uncommon heart and intellect.
  • We believe interactive excellence is equal parts head-down grind and an open-minded wander.
  • We believe in delivering more highly developed interactive solutions.
  • We believe in the power of lean.
  • We believe that the most elegant digital solution can be as simple as a cotton tee.
  • We believe in making code dance.
  • We believe in moving heaven and earth for our clients as long as they say “thank you” and are willing to hold open the door.
  • We believe in direct communication with all disciplines.
  • We believe in moderation in the number of projects we take, but not in the way we commit to them.
  • We believe in diving as deeply into the relationship as the code.
  • We believe the first test of technology is “the feeling in the pit of the stomach” test.
  • We believe there is a direct correlation between the challenge and the reward.
  • We believe that to think outside the box, you need to think outside the office.
  • We believe in the reciprocity of trust and effort.
  • We believe in answering in the affirmative.
  • We believe you should watch out for interactive “experts” who are purposely perplexing.
  • We believe you don’t need monumental mumble. You need concise Creed.
  • We believe in a higher quality of digital life.
  • We believe success comes more from being all-in than from going all out.

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