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At CodeUp Studios, we’re passionate about delivering success. We build beautiful, highly-functional, scalable and responsive websites using the power of WordPress as a platform.

We are committed to complete customer satisfaction in all the aspects of web services that we provide and pride ourselves on a high level of professional WordPress development and support services.

We maintain your WordPress investment. We ensure our clients get the best development value
for their money and provide them a high Return on Investment (ROI).

Custom Development
When it comes to the ideal web development process, WordPress ticks all the boxes: Rapid development, easy adoption, search-engine friendly, scalable, reliable, and extremely user-friendly.

We exclusively develop websites with WordPress, allowing us to focus on being experts in the world’s #1 content management system (CMS).

Plugin Development
We believe that WordPress plugins are the apps for WordPress. They extend the core functionality of WordPress and allow us to do more than simply manage and publish our content.

There are over 25,000 free plugins for WordPress, but there are still times when you can’t find the plugin to do exactly what you want. When this is the case, we build custom plugins to meet our clients’ exact requirements.

Security Monitoring
Hackers are everywhere and they love causing trouble. Not all threats are visible. It takes constant vigilance to ensure your site is safe from harm. We shore up security holes and use the best malware monitoring tools on the web. Our systems scan regularly to ensure you’re not under attack—or susceptible to one.

We also offer an audit service to thoroughly examine your site for security risks.

Bug Fixing
Do you have a WordPress issue that is driving you mad? Many years of experience allows us to troubleshoot any issues (yes, any issues) very quickly. We turn your WordPress site to error-free site.

WordPress Updates
WordPress is a growing community, and it’s important to keep your site constantly up-to-date. Our hands-on service ensures new updates are safely installed. We test updates in a staging environment, make sure all updates run smoothly, and only then do we push changes to production.

Backups are important. But most backups happen on your own servers. If your server dies, your backups are gone. We ensure your website’s database, files, and images are stored offsite every day.

Performance Optimisation
Slow sites will not only frustrate your visitors, but they’ll also get you penalized by Google. We make sure your site is running quickly and efficiently. Know more about our WordPress Speed Optimization Service.

Site Migration
Our development experts specialize in large-scale host-to-host, CMS to WordPress, and Multisite conversions. We make sure everything is fully reviewed, backed up, moved carefully, and double-checked.

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