Bytex Technologies

Bytex Technologies


BYTEX Software Services is an Eastern Europe outsourcing company, providing high demanding software solutions to customers across the United States of America. Our products are currently being used by 500 Fortune companies. Our trusted clients’ business cover Cloud Computing / Cyber Security / Banking.

BYTEX opened its first office in Iași in2015, starting with a small team of passionate engineers focused on high performance and robust apps. The first project was aimed at PLUMgrid. Following its success, we continued growing with solutions for different businesses: cloud computing, cybersecurity, banking for premium clients such as CISCO and VMware.

By deeply understanding user needs and our strong knowledge of ergonomy, we create simple & intuitive interfaces that help users easily achieve their goals with a high level of happiness. We build digital projects that work. It’s not a promise, it’s a guarantee. Our engineers build software for more than 10 years, leveraging the latest digital technologies and best practices. Scalable, maintainable, high performance and robust apps: that’s their credo; that makes our customers love them for. Nowadays we are about to count on 60 colleagues and we expect to grow up to 70 in the near future.