Description is the fastest and one of the most cost-effective ways to create and distribute Mobile Apps.

Our platform allows Marketing Managers, Events’​ Organisers, Business Owners and more, to quickly and easily create their own Mobile App (without any developer skills) by simply uploading their content.

At we see the App-store model, where a handful of large companies hold a monopoly on distributing Apps, as a fundamentally broken model … So, we built a platform that allows anybody to create their Mobile App, share it directly with their audience by simply sending a link, without having to list their App in an App store.

With’s platform, you no longer need to create different apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and so on. One Mobile App works for all. This means if you have one user with an iPhone they can instantly share the App with their friends, multiplying the viral spread of your built Mobile App.

Also, many organizations are unable to build their own Mobile App due to the high costs involved. To solve this problem, we provide a platform that lets customers self-build and launches their Mobile App for a fraction of the usual cost.

And, there’s one last thing … another huge problem with the existing model is that once you have built your Mobile App, you have to submit it to an app store – this means your App will likely become one of the 84% classified as “Zombie Apps” (generating little to zero downloads or user engagement). solves this by providing a direct-distribution/marketing platform, where customers can share their Mobile App with their audience via SMS, email, website widget and, social media.

Coupled with a robust analytics package that provides reports on the reach and engagement of your Mobile App, is a one-stop-shop for creating, publishing, sharing and managing your Mobile App.





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