Andersen Lab

Andersen Lab


Build a team from our pool of experts or hire the roles you need to augment your in-house talent.

Offices worldwide — Western and Eastern Europe, the US, Australia

Around 1300 experienced and qualified IT professionals are ready to start within 10 business days. You control the hiring process, reviewing CVs and trialling professionals, and there’s a 6-month warranty on all our code.

Andersen developers, QA engineers, business analysts, project managers and other development professionals will deliver your project end-to-end, on time and in budget, or step into key roles to augment your existing team. Since 2007, Andersen staff have delivered over 640 successful projects.

Andersen has delivered projects in:
• Finance
• Healthcare
• eCommerce
• IoT
• Media and entertainment
• Big data
• Machine learning
• Deep learning

Professionals available:
• Mobile developers
• Web developers — front and back end
• QA engineers — manual and automated testing
• Project managers
• UI/UX designers
• Business analysts

We utilize a variety of popular and reliable technologies:
• Frontend (JavaScript, ReactJs, Angular, Vue.js)
• Backend (Java, C++, .Net, PHP, Ruby, Node JS, Python)
• Frameworks (Zend, Symfony, Yll, Ruby on Rails, Django, ASP .NET MVC)
• Mobile (Swift, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin)