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Contribute to our blog with your awesome research based articles regarding our specified niche. Submit your blog below after carefully reading the rules and topic suggestions. Best of Luck!

Why write Guest blogs?

Guest blogging is about sharing your experiences and writing out help materials for people seeking for advice. Your article speaks for your experience and adds great value to your business or personal branding. Here are some benefits of guest blogging with


  • Business Personal Credibility 
  • Traffic to your website/social channel
  • Good links to improve your business authority
  • Better online visibility 

Rules for Guest Blogging

We appreciate genuine, experienced based content. If you wish to be published with us, please follow the rules mentioned below:

  • No plagiarized content is allowed.
  • Only one link to your website in the article body.
  • Write a proper author bio with a link to your business/social media. 
  • Proper citation for your facts/figures from authentic resources.

Topics we would cover

Trust list is a directory of businesses from all across the world which have different services to offer. Our audience are mainly startups or companies looking for IT consulting or other outsourcing services. Your blogs should help them choose the right business partner. The topics are expected to be

  • Guides to choosing a technology partner
  • Qualities to look for in a company/service provider
  • What technologies are better for certain software development projects
  • Tech comparisons and new trends for start ups
  • Choosing the right outsourcing service provider

The above mentioned areas are examples of what kind of content we want. If you have any other ideas to help our audience, send us your pitch.