StorPool Storage
StorPool Storage
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Brief Description

Latest news: StorPool Storage v20 – Introducing NVMe/TCP, StorPool on Amazon AWS, and NFS File Storage *StorPool is software for distributed data storage that enables businesses to work with their data reliably and efficiently. StorPool makes a shared storage pool out of standard drives (HDDs/SSDs) placed in standard servers. It is like virtual SAN, aggregating the performance and capacity of all drives into a single pool of storage distributed between all servers. You can seamlessly scale the whole cluster by simply adding more drives or servers. This will expand both capacity and performance.


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Linearly Scalable Primary Storage Platform

The ideal foundation for large-scale clouds running diverse, mission-critical workloads

  • TALK TO AN EXPERT Latest news: StorPool Storage v20 – Introducing NVMe/TCP, StorPool on Amazon AWS, and NFS File Storage

Next-Generation Primary Storage Platform for Demanding Workloads

StorPool is a fully managed primary storage platform for businesses that host many mission-critical workloads in their own datacenters

We provide the easiest way to convert standard servers stacked with NVMe SSDs into high-performance, linearly scalable primary storage systems

Companies building their own public or private clouds use StorPool as a superior alternative to mid-range and high-end SANs and All-Flash Arrays (AFA)

StorPool is Accelerating the World by Storing Data more Productively

StorPool delivers above and beyond what is possible with other primary storage products in terms of reliability, agility, speed, and cost-effectiveness It’s an excellent replacement for legacy storage architectures like mid- or high-end primary storage arrays and products that just use a software-defined approach to copy the base array, expansion shelf architecture

Exceptional performance, reliability and increased ROI from your cloud computing offering

High availability, linear scalability and data redundancy with 3-copy synchronous replication

Virtualized shared hosting storage with guaranteed 100% storage uptime

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