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With the stand-alone program RSECTION, Dlubal Software provides you with a time-saving solution for the calculation of thin-walled and massive cross-sections. The program determines the section properties and performs a stress analysis.

The seamless integration with the FEA software RFEM and the structural frame & truss analysis software RSTAB allows for efficient cooperation. RSECTION cross-sections are available in the RFEM and RSTAB libraries, and you can easily import the internal forces in the programs.


RSECTION by Dlubal Software is an advanced tool for professional engineers. It features an extensive cross-section library and an extensible library of material properties, and allows for importing DXF files.

  • Extensive library of rolled, parametric thin-walled and thick-walled cross-sections
  • Extensible library for material properties
  • Import of dxf files
  • Cross-section properties of thin-walled or thick-walled cross-sections
  • Plastic capacity design with interaction of internal forces according to the Simplex Method
  • Design of reinforcement and the subsequent design of concrete cross-section in the Concrete Design (see Product Feature)
  • Saving cross-sections as a block
  • Scripting with JavaScript
  • Interface with MS Excel for exporting tables
  • Connection to Webservice & API (for example, optional creation of cross-section and access to result tables)

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