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WriteText.ai offers support for both individual and bulk content generation, seamlessly integrating with WordPress/WooCommerce to provide a user-friendly experience. With WriteText.ai, users can generate meta titles, descriptions, product texts, Open Graph texts, and image alt texts for all images related to a product. The tool comes in two operational modes: 'WriteText.ai Single' allows users to adjust settings before text generation, while 'WriteText.ai Bulk' efficiently generates multiple products without supervision. Additionally, WriteText.ai enables connections to an unlimited number of e-commerce sites and allows the creation of multiple user accounts at no additional cost.


Version 1.20.7 now supports multiple languages, such as Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, and Italian, to cater to a diverse global audience. This capability enables businesses to effortlessly create content in the language of their WooCommerce webshop, expanding their market presence and improving customer interaction in various regions.

WriteText.ai automatically adapts its output to match the language of your webshop. In cases where the preferred language is not available, English will be used as the default option. The translation of the interface is currently in progress and is scheduled to be launched in the third week of April. Until then, the interface will remain in English.

Features Include

  • Connection to an unlimited number of e-commerce sites and user accounts.

  • Direct content transfer and publication to WooCommerce.

  • Selection of product attributes, tone, and style.

  • Customizable content length, target audience, and user roles.

  • Advanced image analysis where WriteText.ai improves text creation by analyzing product images for extra details, yielding more precise and engaging descriptions, particularly for products with limited data or complex names.

  • AI suggestions for target markets and custom market definitions.

  • Keyword analysis and semantic keyword integration.

  • Keyword density tracking for SEO.

  • Text rewriting.

  • Reference product, ensuring that the tone, style and layout follows and an existing product.

  • Content review history log and bulk content management.

  • Multi-store support.

  • Chrome extension for content management and tagging of products for fact checking or rewriting.



Version History

  • Version 1.20.7: 2024-03-13 Introduced advanced image analysis, automated Img Alt text generation, expanded language support, and a Chrome extension for streamlined content management.

  • Version 1.12.3: 2024-01-16 Implemented free monthly credits, removed the need for credit card entry upon installation, introduced bug fixes, and upgraded the installation wizard, reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

  • Version 1.00.14: 2023-12-22 Initial release of WriteText.ai for WooCommerce

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