10 Ways to get B2B clients with LinkedIn that work 100%

10 Ways to get B2B clients with LinkedIn that work 100%

Most businesses don’t realize the power of LinkedIn when it comes to B2B business sales and trust-building. With over 600 million active users/ month and a new member added every 2 seconds to this largest professional network, as per statistics, LinkedIn is a must-have for you. If you are not sure why you should market on LinkedIn, check these amazing stats by Linked to authority:

10 ways to market your B2B business with LinkedIn

B2C businesses are relatively easier to handle as its easier to convince individuals to buy a product or service than CEOs. The decision-makers in the latter case have much bigger concerns and experience so the chances to your company are low if you don’t personally connect to them. If you are not sure why you should market on LinkedIn, check these amazing stats

1. Have a detailed updated profile

A good profile is the heart and soul of your business. Whether you are an agency or a consultant, demonstrating proven knowledge and success on your LinkedIn profile are essential to get business via this platform.

According to stats, 90m high profile influencers and 63m decision-makers use LinkedIn. This means your potential customers are already there, you just have to represent yourself in a way to stand-out as a feasible option. A good profile doesn’t only help you create a solid first impression, but demonstrates your seriousness to work in the area you are offering.

2. Build trust with your own case studies

Nothing sells better than a company’s success stories. The case studies not only suggest that you are perfectly able to identify the client’s problem but also how effectively you can deliver solutions in a given timeline. An IT case study, for instance, will list an overview of a solution that you have provided, the problem/challenges you faced, the milestones you achieve, its success as of today. Telling so, you will definitely win clients that are facing similar challenges and want the exact growth as of your previous client companies.

3. Connect on a Personal Level

LinkedIn has over 300 million active users daily, mostly professionals, CEO’s, recruiters and job seeker. Having such filtered audience you just have to build the trust in your business to get the clients you want to capture. As a director/decision-maker of a company, you can share value-adding content such as tips to succeed in your niche, some challenges you faced and how did you overcome those, the rising trends in the market to look for, etc. Adding a personal touch in your posts will help you get engagements in the forms or comments, queries, shares and likes. Now having a good post engagement is the most important factor to get recognized as a credible agency on LinkedIn. This means, more personal interactions lead to more engagement which is directly connected to more conversions.

4. Be a quick-sell

Take the example of a billboard on a highway. The car passes it a speed of 100 km/h and the passengers have just 3 seconds to grab the audience’s attention. Good ads make their impact in that short time. LinkedIn is full of professional portfolios and if your company’s profile doesn’t stand-out and be of value instantly, decision-makers are going to scroll on.

5. Add value for your potential customers

Loyalty can’t be bought. It can only be attained by giving people what they really want. Many CEOs, managers, and active companies are doing so by giving free tips, advice and lending a hand to companies or individuals stuck in a phase. In turn, they acknowledge you and start trusting your skills. And next time they are in need of a partner, you would be the first choice.

6. Be the part of LinkedIn Community

Help others and let them help you. LinkedIn groups are the most effective ways to get excellent tips, tricks and growth hacks. Also, they are most convenient to build a network. Answer queries, discuss the most common entrepreneurial challenges and ways to tackle them and in no time you will have the acknowledgement from many within the community.

You just have to search for popular communities in your niche join the level of community that matches your position and start discussing problems. It will not only be a great help and learning experience, but you are sure going to end up closing deals.

7. Update your Company Profile

LinkedIn is improving constantly and is adding many new features to facilitate professionals. One of these is the company profile. The company profile is connected to your account but shows as the equivalent of a facebook page. Here, you can add info about your products, case studies, videos, and insights about your employees.

8. Optimize your Profile to appear in relevant searches

Ok now you have a stunning profile, but is it optimized the way to reach the audience/potential customers it seeks to reach? Some quick tips, to be visible in filters and top searches include your expertise title in the heading. Showcase your skills in the specialties section and write a great interactive summary.

9. Be Unique

Don’t be boring. I repeat. Don’t be boring. Customers/ business people seeking for partnerships are tired of reading the exact looking preformatted bios every time. To sound compelling, you have to be different than others. Enterprises are continuously looking for innovative partners and to prove it to them, you have to market yourself that way.

10. Consistent Content

Content is the king. According to a LinkedIn research blog, 92% of businesses consume at least 10 posts of content before making a decision to go with a business. That there is your opportunity. To improve the CTR that leads to conversion use curiosity and actionable words and there… thats a closing!

Enough with the reading and research! Get started with creating or revamping your LinkedIn profile right away and get all eyes on you.

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